Why’s the iPad 2 Priced Outrageously?

Here’s what you see at the Apple store:

iPad 2screen

I gawked at this as I just was randomly surfing the Apple store. Apple chose to keep its entry level tablet (the oldest in the market) as a medium price in the iPad market! Why would someone buy that one if this is here?



Who cares about 2 inches of screen size when the same amount buys a smaller display but with superior graphics, faster hardware, higher resolution screen, and more suitable for the OS? Does screen size and larger bezel really balance out faster technology? If you really just want a regular iPad but with a smaller chip, and suitable for the OS, get this!



The iPad mini non-retina is at least fully suitable for iOS 7 and is still cared about by Apple because they changed the colors, unlike the iPad 2, which is just thrown out of Cupertino and is just manufactured without any caring. They still have the “Black & Slate” and “White” compared to the “Space Gray” and “Silver”.

If you really want the bigger screen, and you can pay some more for it, get this



If you absolutely can’t pay more than $399, get this



If you are on a tight budget (no more than $399) AND need a new one, AND need a large display, forget my lecture, get an iPad 2.



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