Mirror iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch to Mac/PC

AirPlay was a great item, but with a lot of restrictions. You can only mirror to Apple TV, then mirror Apple TV to Mac. Very Confusing and costs $1000+ for Mac and $99+ for Apple TV. And PC was out of the game completely unless you used an HDMI cable and Apple TV. There’s an easier way: AirServer! AirServer can mirror your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch to a PC without any software on iOS! It uses AirPlay. Download for free and activate the 7 day trial! Here are the advantages of AirServer:

– Air Server costs $14.99 and free 7 day trial. Apple TV costs $99+ and no trial

– Air Server can be used on Mac or PC. Apple TV can only be used on… TV

– Air Server offers $11.99 for Education License, Apple TV offers only through Apple Education.

– Air Server is software that doesn’t take up space, Apple TV is hardware.

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The Best Free Antivirus?

Drumroll please… Avast! No kidding, Avast is the best antivirus I have ever used, although it has some cons, none of them compare to this:

– My old Bitdefender antivirus could only scan some items at a time! Maybe it’s different now, but still costs an arm and a leg to use ($49.99)

– McAfee gobbled up resources like a monster! Using on machine with 2 GB RAM, it used quite some! Also, a lot of fake McAfees out there

– Norton is the same as McAfee, except manufactured by a different company

– AVG hides everywhere, so when I uninstall, I need to look for corners and bits of info everywhere!

– Avira AntiVir’s interface is pretty bad and not the best out there!


Download Avast! Now: