Mirror iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch to Mac/PC

AirPlay was a great item, but with a lot of restrictions. You can only mirror to Apple TV, then mirror Apple TV to Mac. Very Confusing and costs $1000+ for Mac and $99+ for Apple TV. And PC was out of the game completely unless you used an HDMI cable and Apple TV. There’s an easier way: AirServer! AirServer can mirror your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch to a PC without any software on iOS! It uses AirPlay. Download for free and activate the 7 day trial! Here are the advantages of AirServer:

- Air Server costs $14.99 and free 7 day trial. Apple TV costs $99+ and no trial

- Air Server can be used on Mac or PC. Apple TV can only be used on… TV

- Air Server offers $11.99 for Education License, Apple TV offers only through Apple Education.

- Air Server is software that doesn’t take up space, Apple TV is hardware.

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The Best Free Antivirus?

Drumroll please… Avast! No kidding, Avast is the best antivirus I have ever used, although it has some cons, none of them compare to this:

- My old Bitdefender antivirus could only scan some items at a time! Maybe it’s different now, but still costs an arm and a leg to use ($49.99)

- McAfee gobbled up resources like a monster! Using on machine with 2 GB RAM, it used quite some! Also, a lot of fake McAfees out there

- Norton is the same as McAfee, except manufactured by a different company

- AVG hides everywhere, so when I uninstall, I need to look for corners and bits of info everywhere!

- Avira AntiVir’s interface is pretty bad and not the best out there!


Download Avast! Now:


Bounce Rate Matters!

Finally, no Writer’s Block! Today, we’ll talk about bounce rate and how you should avoid getting a high one.

Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors that fly away after a single page visit. That’s sad! Minimizing your bounce rate can ultimately get more visits to your site, and get more people to view your content. Blogs have a disadvantage, because the title can’t tell you everything. Our blog, for example, cannot specify a very precise niche. That’s why blogs generally have from 70%-98% of a bounce rate.

Layout is the target to get more visitors staying to your site. For example, if people like my topmost post, I leave it up for a few days so the bounce rate is lower, but if the topmost post is disliked by the audience, I quickly publish a better post to hide my mistake. You should provide a search bar to get comfortable findings from your visitors, not just frantic scrolling-through-the-pages visitors. This will only significantly help if you have a target niche and at least 500 posts. You should also make your layout very simple and avoid using too many plugins or widgets. It also helps decreasing load time and lowers the chance of getting a big, fat error message.

Working With A First Grader

It can be tough. Those small kids can be pretty moody! I wanted to tell you my experience of working with a first grader.

Once I got the packet ready, the kid shouted, put that away! I put it away, but he grabbed my arm and started stabbing me with a pencil. I shouted Stop! He calmed down, gave me a toy figure, and said this was commander blah blah blah. I asked him, “Where does it come from!” He replied, “Star Wars!” Then he started telling me about this stuff blah this blah that, and I waited until he eventually calmed down. I asked, “What about that?” He said, “Have you ever watched Star Wars?” I said, “No, why?” He looked surprised and said, “You’re that big and you still haven’t watched Star Wars?” Come on, I thought. First Graders are actually watching Star Wars? It would be lucky in my time to find a VCR tape of a classical music show! He said, “My friends and I always come together and when my mommy and daddy are asleep, we sneak down and watch 7 hours of Star Wars!” Whoa! Think of it. 7 hours of Star Wars. A first grader’s parents probably send him to sleep at 8:00 or 8:30, and 7 hours would be: 3:00 am. I told him, “Come on, get some sleep,” and we returned to our work

A few minutes later, he stabbed me with his pencil, the pain was hard to resist, so I pulled my hand away. He instantly leaned on my hand and fell on the floor. Then he yelled, “I’ve got a bloody lip because you pushed me down!” Okay, calm down. I checked and he didn’t get a bloody lip or any injury, it was just from kneeling on the floor to laying down! And, It was his fault that he tried to stab me with his pencil! I couldn’t say that to a first grader though, based on my past experiences, so I merely apologized. He growled at me and we returned to work. A few minutes later, the stabbing continued. I asked, “Why?” In my mind, I thought, “You’ve learned your lesson about stabbing, why are you still doing it?” He replied, “You pushed me to the floor, I have to give you revenge.”

You see how funny an experience with a first grader can be. Try for yourself and see if you can cope with them!